Piher Clamps
Ballwork Supports and Sawhorses
Sawhorses and ballwork stands with adjustable heights and fold away mechnasim for easy carriage.
Band Clamps
Tempered steel band CK67S Cast iron base. Nylon angle grips. Always accurate joints. Pressure evenly distributed.
Forged Steel Clamps
Forged steel welding clamps with moving jaws and cranking mechnasim
Heavy duty cast iron "G" Clamps. 
Heavy Duty Clamps
Extra-strong clamps. Extra resistant rolled steel bar 60x 12 mm. Maximum pressure 22000N. Throat deep 19 cm. Nonslip brake on moving jaw.
Magnetic Clamps
For welding 45' and 90' angles. For industrial use. 2.5 mm. thick steel sheet body. Ferrite permanent protected. Magnet.
Covered screw thread. The new handle, both dismountable and interchangeable. With greasing hole. Fully protected thread and piston systems. Grooved fixed jaw for optimum grip of tubes, profiles etc & curved jaw heads which allow work...
Piher Grip On
Tempered steel screw to adjust your opening. Easy release system. Concave profile for better push/pull working. Thermically treated forged steel. Epoxy paint finishing. Ten times more corrosion resistant than nickel.
Piston Clamps
Cast iron jaws. Extra resistant rolled steel bar. Non slip break on moving jaw. Anti-rust coated bar. Epoxy painted jaws.  
Sash Clamps
Strengthened ductile cast iron heads with extra strong screw trapezoidal thread. A new and improved locking system.
Suction Cups
Professional Suction Cups
Transporters for easy lifting and moving
Welding Pliers
Forged Welding Pliers Copper plated thread
WoodWorking Clamps
Various Quick Clamps with Nylon & Fiberglass jaws. PRL Clamps with Nylon covered paralell jaws, specifically designed for the woodworking sector.