A fit-for -purpose fibre disc for heavy, medium and light grinding applications. Good all round performer providing consistent quality finishes. Work horse of the aluminium zirconia fibre disc range performs will across all materials.
Cutting and Grinding
Choose from a wide variety of high performance grinding and cutoff wheels.Use grinding equipment for cutting, grinding, notching, finishing, sharpening and more.
Flapwheels & Flapdiscs
Cloth backing materials are flexibile and conform well to surfaces. They can be used in a variety of general purpose applications.
Paper Discs Self Adhesive
Adhesive-backed/PSA discs are ideal for contoured surfaces and used for blending, finishing, and polishing. The discs are heat resistant and constructed with a flexible adhesive backing that can be easily attached or removed from the backing pad.
Paper Discs Velcro
A broad range of velcro / velour backed sanding discs for use with random orbital sanders. We offer a range of discs to suit all applications, from general woodworking and metalworking to GRP, automotive paint refinishing/rectification and...
Quick Change Discs
Quick-change discs are used in leveling and finishing, grinding, deburring and blending projects. They eliminate the need for installation tools.
General deburring and dressing of mild steel tube and hard to reach places Active additives help with grinding properties, available in multiple sizes for all applications.
Surface Conditioning
Blending, Cleaning, Contour Finishing, Deburring, Finishing, Light Grinding, Rust Removal, Weld Cleaning.